4 times stronger than HD, High quality image, powerful resolution- 4k TV Reviews


Everyone loves to watch high quality images in their TV sets. And that’s why every producer tends to convince you in anyway that their TV is the best in resolution, color and interface. Of all those advertisement very few tend to be true. And that’s why 4k TVs were designed to get you all that you need in high quality form. If you are looking for high definition, sharper and high quality images, be sure to find in this kind of TVs. Continue reading this for best 4k TV Reviews for more necessary information about UHD.

What is 4k TV?

It is an ultra high definition television that displays image details four times more than that of HD. besides that it has horizontal resolution of up to 4000 pixel. This TVs employ theater technology to give viewers better color, image detail and picture resolution as they view their favorite program in their homes. 4k TVs are also known as ultra HD or UHD.

What makes 4k TVs special?

Ultra TVs are very clear and displays everything in high quality manner. This makes it very appealing to watch TV programs and moves through it. Besides that pictures are displayed in dimensions of 3,840 x 2,160 pixels. These are more than 8 million pixels which are four times as much as those in HD. This make image very clear and attractive to watch. This technology work very well in big screens and that’s why most TV companies employs this technology in producing 40 and above inches televisions. The TVs of this kind comes in diverse sizes of ranging prices, produced by different companies including Samsung, LG, Sony and Panasonic. That’s means you have wide choices when it comes to buying and therefore you can easily find the best.


Important features of ultra HD television

HEVC decoding

The nature of this TVs is to display large images but this pose a problem of storage. High efficiency video codec (HEVC) has been programmed in most ultra HD television to make files as small as possible for easy management. Although this program can compress file as much as two times the original, it doesn’t reduce the quality.

HDMI 2.0

The first ultra HD televisions used HDMI 1.4 which had limiting factor but this new HDMI has advanced technology with high resolution power known as 50p and 60p. This technology fully supports fast-paced and action-packed programs such as live-match broadcasting.


HDCP 2.2

The main purpose of implementing this program in this kind of television is to offer you protection against unauthorized copying of AV content across connected devices.

There are so much friendly features about these devices that not only improve the quality of images but also make it appealing to watch. this 4k TV Reviews has just outlined few of the features of these devices,there are even more.